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How to make your fans fall in LOVE with your social media content

OMG, we’ve reached 2,000 likes! Now our engagement and sales will automatically increase!sorpresaNope. The number of followers shouldn’t be your final goal to increase brand loyalty.

Although it is important to increase the amount of followers and fans in our digital channels, our most important goal as content strategist should be to create a community that interacts with the brand, shares its experiences (good and bad ones), and even helps you to answer questions that other followers make. How can that be possible?

I share with you some tips that I have confirmed in my experience to be important for increasing brand engagement, which means the participation and loyalty that consumers feel for your brand.

1- It’s not about you, it’s about them: Add value to your community.

Talking about your products and services quality every day is bo-ring. Clients want to know how those products and services will ease their lives. Change “we do” for “you’ll get.” Additionally, you have to broaden your topics’ list with things that your costumers care the most.

For example, if you manage an automobile dealer company, you can talk about how to keep the car paint in good conditions, new transportation laws, and statistics about how long a tire can last depending on the vehicle activity. This is called creating value by mixing your content to entertain, educate, and inspire.

2-  Want likes? Want shares? Ask for them.

Comunica lo que quieres

Some offline social rules teach us to be indirect with what we want. However, an online rule is that a way to increase engagement is directly asking what we want users to do with our posts. Here there are some examples of how to ask:

  • Find out in this video 10 ways to make a salad. LIKE and SHARE if you liked them.
  • If you prepare yourself as a professional and don’t fairly charge for your services, you are damaging your career and your industry. LIKE if you agree.
  • This couple decided to purchase our products. See how our solutions changed their lives. Share if you liked their story 🙂

3- Add images and videos, constantly.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is not only a cliché, especially in the digital world. Users “read” the pictures and find meaning on them. This is why “visual literacy” is now a term used by communication and marketing strategists to create visually appealing content. I recommend you the book The Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens by Stephen Apkon for more information about it.

Studies indicate that posts with images increase interactions up to 87% on Facebook (source) and 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets on Twitter (source).

4- Promote your clients and fans. Share their achievements and happy moments.

If you helped one of your customers in an extraordinary way, share that joy with all your followers. Invite them to follow or contact that customer. Show that your interest on creating valuable solutions to your customers is real. Look at some ideas to do this:

  • Proud of our clients ________, who achieved their goals with our support and their hard work. We invite you to follow their social networks @________.
  • Congratulations to ________ for a new year of operation. Happy anniversary ______! We wish you guys many more years of success!
  • I can’t be happier for my client ________, who reached her goal of increasing her clientele by using these creative solutions.

Use these examples only as a guide. Adapt these frameworks to your own words, ideas, and business philosophy. The important thing is to prove that you’re truly glad for the success of your community members.

5- Connect your brand philosophy and products with every-day situations


Being a content specialist, public relations consultant, community manager, marketing director or any other related field is a full time job. That’s why these professions are exclusively for people who feel passion for them. Why? Because one of the activities of these professions is keeping an eye 24/7 to what’s happening on the news, in the brand’s industry, and also in what has turned viral in order to connect these data with the brand.

Stay on top of what is happening and relate it to your content strategy. Adapt your communication plan everyday and when possible add humor or help your community to adapt to those changes around them. For instance:

  • After an earthquake or before a predicted natural disaster, you can share tips from your business’ perspective to stay safe or mitigate the damages.
  • When something becomes a viral trend, you can promote your products and/or services by using the elements from that viral video, meme, or character. Take a look to what some brands did regarding the black/ blue or white/golden dress (by the way, the dress is white and golden to me!).


  • If there’s a new law that regulates your industry or one of your interest topics, provide info about it. Use official sources and make the content easy to understand.

Final thoughts

A good marketing strategy implies adding value to the users’ needs and desires. It’s the same concept that applies to our personal lives: When you sincerely help others, you will be considered a nice person and will be surrounded by more people who love you and want to be part of your professional growth.

Thanks to Kim Grast for being part of my inspiration to write this post!

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