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Colombian company Toynovo and its value creation for business and society

Today, I’ll tell about Toynovo, the first circular economy community of educational, parenting and playing materials. I discovered this company in a class discussion about Certified B Corporations. I started searching in the directory for a Latin American company that resonates with me.

Business value

They unite supply and demand. On the supply side, there are schools and families with materials that they do not use, and can sell used, rent, exchange for services, donate, repair or recycle. On the demand side, there are schools and families that constantly renew materials. They can buy as new or new, rent, or circulate with foundations. Their founder said that in 2021’s Q4 they grew by 80% which is proof of all the value they are creating for all their stakeholders.

People value

Their business model depends on how they make alliances with NGOs, companies, schools and clients so everybody benefits from recycling toys instead of producing more and more. This has a high impact on responsible consumption and the circular economy.

Additionally, The company have highlighted how they take care of the health, wellness and safety of their employees.

Societal value

This is the highest area of value for Toynovo.  Every toy they recycle for renting or donating saves 10kgs of CO2 which translate to 282 light savings. They have recycled 32 tons of C02. Every toy means 35 toys on average they give use to someone else

Children of lower-income families and the planet are the protagonists here. I hope I can bring this idea to the Dominican Republic!

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Carolina Rondón