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Branding Companies: Landor Associates Case Study

Advertising agencies are regarded as key institutions in contemporary economy. They are collectively a major influence on consumer culture. – Chris Hackley  &  Rungpaka Amy Hackley 

Institutions around the world make their designs and promotion strategies in-house, or most commonly hire an external firm that best fits their needs. In order to achieve this, when choosing an advertising or branding firm, it is important to observe its background, portfolio and communication style.

This article will assess firm Landor Associates in order to consider it as a working partner for branding assignments.

About Landor Associates

Landor Associates International is a leading brand consultancy with about 28 offices in 22 countries. Landor offers design and consulting services to help create, establish, and re-establish brands from several industries. Landor Associates is part of WPP Group PLC, a global marketing and communications group based in the United Kingdom. The company has contributed to building and developing some of the world’s most recognized brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Cotton Inc., Kellogg’s, General Electrics, 20th Century Fox, 3M, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Bank of America. Landor has offices in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and throughout the United States.


The legacy of a brand often goes back to the people who first developed it. A company founder, alive or deceased, can have a very dictating influence on a brand. – Sicco Van Gelder

In 1941, industrial designer Walter Landor founded “Walter Landor & Associates” in San Francisco, California. The initial success of this company was due to Walter’s growing reputation. Landor, born in Germany, grew up around artists and designers. He studied in the United Kingdom and came in 1939 to the United States to work on the British Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair.

Landor decided to travel across the country to study American industrial design. He wanted to see for himself how his American counterparts were working. For more than half of the 20th century, Landor opened into more and more industries by combining innovative design ideas and market research. This new approach to branding improved the sales of the firm’s customers, consequently increasing Landor’s reputation and clientele.

Landor today

Landor Associates continued to work with leading global brands and helped emerging companies to stand out in their markets. Some examples of big brands worth mentioning are Blackberry, British Petroleum, Smirnoff, HSBC, and the Indian chain of hotels Taj Group.

In 2014, Landor had 700 employees and approximately a total of $29.2 million dollars in sales. Lois Jacobs is the current chief executive officer of Landor Associates, based in the London and New York offices.


Three of the strongest facts of Landor that distinguishes it from other great agencies are:

  1. The legacy of strategic branding pioneer Walter Landor
  2. Its heritage including several of the biggest brands we see around
  3. The company’s archives are held in the Smithsonian, one of the world’s largest museums and research complexes (Creativeblog, 2011).

Additionally, Landor’s publications and blog are other factors that sets it apart from other top branding companies in the world. The firm has 12 iBooks in iTunes about trends and principles about contemporary design. This firm also hosts events and conducts research studies available on their website www.landor.com.

If ad agencies want to keep their place at the center of the marketing world, they have to respond creatively to the new reality of convergent media environment by organizing and evolving new skills and techniques. – Chris Hackley  &  Rungpaka Amy Hackley

Landor Associates provides its clients with integral solutions from branded environments and green packaging to digital strategy and interactive management. Whether new or experienced, brands nowadays need to connect with consumers in the greatest amount possible of offline and online environments.


Walter Landor Few on the industry of advertising can deny the influence of Landor Associates. Landor offers innovative solutions to great brands around the world. Although there are some particular weaknesses such as a possible overwhelming website and lack of social responsibility programs, Landor possesses a strong and appealing branding image to numerous clients and prospects from industries such as health, finance, food, government, and tourism.

Founder Walter Landor’s vision of a groundbreaking company concentrated in brands performance possibly surpassed his original expectations. The reason to affirm this is because Landor Associates International is certainly a suitable option to take in consideration when a company desires to reach its strongest branding momentum.



Carolina Rondón